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Hwang and Ko: Role Performance and Related Factors of the Clinical Research Coordinator



The purpose of this study was to analyze the role performance and related factors of the Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC).


A quantitative, cross-sectional design was used. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire from 134 Clinical Research Coordinators in 4 hospitals and analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, and Pearson correlation coefficient.


The scores for role performance of CRC were high (average 336.51 points of a possible 420 points, mean average 5.74±0.67 of a possible 7) and the degree of role performance in the management task sub dimension (mean average 6.12±0.77 of a possible 7) was higher than any other sub dimension. Role performance of the CRC was also related to job satisfaction (r=.198, p=.023).


The study results indicate that most CRC are nurses and perceive their role as very important. Further the CRC performance of activities of management task and the Coordination/Advocacy task sub dimension were high and higher levels of job satisfaction were related to higher levels of role performance of CRC was. Therefore, strategies related to improvement in the fringe benefit system and work environment should be developed to increase job satisfaction and thus increase job performance.

Figures and Tables

Table 1
Role Performance Related Factors of Participants (N=134)

*Missing responses excluded, Unit: Ten thousand won/month

CRC=Clinical Research Coordinator

Table 2
Role Performance Related Factors of Participants (N=134)
Table 3
Role Performance Item Scores (N=134)
Table 4
Differences in Role Performance Score of Participants by Role Performance Related Factors (N=134)
Table 5
Correlation of Role Performance Score and Role Performance Related Factors r(p), (N=134)

The role performance(1) is the sum of administration tasks(2) and participant management tasks(3) and coordination/advocacy tasks(4) and self-improvement(5).

CRC=Clinical Research Coordinator


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