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Min, Choi, Kwon, Lee, Jung, Kim, and Oh: Multicenter Study on the Prevalence of Perennial Allergic Rhinitis and Allergy-Associated Disorders


This study was aimed to determine the prevalence of perennial allergic rhinitis (PAR) using the skin test, radioallergosorbent test (RAST), or multiple allergosorbent test (MAST) and to clarify the clinical aspects of the patients diagnosed as having PAR by the questionnaire survey and rhinologic examination. The 71,120 subjects who had visited the 23 otolaryngology clinics at the randomly selected tertiary referral hospitals in Korea between November 1, 1999 and April 30, 2000 were studied. PAR was diagnosed when subjects complained of two or more associated symptoms and the skin test, RAST, or MAST using perennial inhalant allergens was positive. The questionnaire survey and rhinologic examination were performed in subjects with PAR. The prevalence of PAR was 3.93%. We could find no significant difference in the prevalence of PAR between the two sexes. However, there was a significant difference in the prevalence of PAR between the child and adult groups. The chief complaints were, in order of decreasing frequency, nasal obstruction, watery rhinorrhea, and sneezing. There was a family history of PAR in 40.2% of the subjects. The 39.6% of the subjects had associated allergic diseases, being atopic dermatitis most common. In conclusion, the prevalence of PAR in tertiary referral hospitals in Korea is 3.93%. Many subjects with PAR have family history and appear to be associated with other allergic diseases.

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