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Paik, Lee, Lee, Na, Lee, Choi, and Jung: A Study on the Long and Mid-term Policy for Korean Neuropsychiatric Association


As the official organization of psychiatrists in South Korea since 1945, the Korean Neuropsychiatric Association (KNPA) has played important contribution in academic and mental health development. It is time to plan long-term policy for future strategy. Thus, the authors tried to perform brainstorming in members of a special task force team and survey for internal specialists in the KNPA and external professionals. Based on the above major issues and results of the survey, the authors suggest the overall direction of the long and mid-term policy for KNPA.

Figures and Tables

Table 1

Important and urgent policy lists of KNPA prioritized by internal special specialists and external professionals


*: Rated by 5 point scale according to importance and urgency. KNPA : Korean Neuropsychiatric Association


The authors have no financial conflicts of interest.


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