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Kim, Shon, Lee, and Kim: Cervical Rib Syndrome - 2 Cases Report -


Cerivical rib syndrome, one of four common causes of thoracic outlet syndromes, have similar symptoms which accidentally discovered in simple x-ray and needs to be distinguished with other syndromes. Thoracic outlet syndromes are classified according to anatomical structures that causes symptoms; cervical rib syndrome, scalenus anticus syndrome, costoclavicular syndrome and hyperabduction syndrome. Various treatments for thoracic outlet syndromes have been introduced, such as; conservative care, excision of cervical rib and first rib and release of anterior scalenus muscle by supraclavicular approach and excision of cervical rib and first rib by axillary approach. We would like to report a case on a 16 years old girl and a 21 years old man who had cervical rib syndrome and treated successfully without excision of the first rib but excised cervical rib and released anterior scalenus muscle by supraclavicular approach.

Figures and Tables

Fig. 1
Simple X-ray shows 16 years old women with bilateral cervical ribs.
Fig. 2
3D CT, left distal cervical rib made pseudoarticular joint with left first rib.
Fig. 3
Cervical rib was excised by supraclavicular approach.
Fig. 4
Simple X-ray shows 21 years old man with bilateral cervical ribs.
Fig. 5
3D CT, shows right-side dominant cervical ribs.


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