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Rhew and Jun: A Case of Intramuscular Hemanagiomas of Upper Eyelids



We report a case of intramuscular hemangioma (IMH) in upper eyelid-misdiagnosed as pseudotumor-along with its pathologic findings.

Case summary

A 48-year-old male patient presented with three months of upper eyelid swelling in his left eye of no symptom relief with oral corticosteroid for 5 weeks. Computed tomography findings show diffuse enhancement in left upper eyelid suggested for pseudotumor and retreated with oral corticosteroids and intralesional corticosteroid injections. However, lid inflammation was not improved. The patient underwent incisional biopsy.


Microscopically, the lesion was composed of proliferating vessels of various sizes between the individual muscle fibers. Intramuscular hemangioma that is rarely presented benign tumor in the head and neck region can be presented by diffuse swelling mimicking the pseudotumor rather than a palpable mass.

Figures and Tables

Figure 1
(A, B) Facial photograph shows diffuse erythematous swelling in the left upper eyelid. At 5 months after follow up examination patient have no evidence of symptom improve.
Figure 2
CT image shows a ill-defined, enhancing infiltration involving upper anterior soft tissue of the left eyelid (*).
Figure 3
Microscopic findings of intramuscular hemangioma. (A) Skeletal muscle is infiltrated with admixture of various sized blood vessels (H&E, ×100). (B) Muscle fibers are seperated by proliferating blood vessels (H&E, ×200).


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