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J Korean Acad Nurs. 2009 Feb;39(1):10-20. Korean.
Published online February 28, 2009.
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The Effects of Hand Acupuncture Therapy on Pain, ROM, ADL and Depression among Elders with Low Back Pain and Knee Joint Pain
Jin-Hyang Yang
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Research Institute of Geriatric Health, Inje University, Busan, Korea.

Address reprint requests to: Yang, Jin-Hyang. Department of Nursing, College of Nursing, Inje University, 633-165 Gaegeum-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan 614-735, Korea. Tel: 82-51-890-6839, Fax: 82-51-896-9840, Email:
Received September 30, 2008; Accepted January 12, 2009.



The purpose of this study was to identify the effects of hand acupuncture therapy on pain, ROM, ADL, and depression among older people with low back pain and knee joint pain.


The research was a quasi-experimental design using a non-equivalent control group pre-post test. The participants were 40 patients, 18 in the experimental group and 22 in the control group. A pretest and 2 posttest were conducted to measure the main variables. For the experimental group, hand acupuncture therapy, consisting of hand acupuncture and press-pellets based on corresponding points, was given.


There were statistically significant differences in pain, ROM in knee joint, and ADL in the experimental group but not in depression compared to the control group over two different times.


The hand acupuncture therapy was effective for low back pain, knee joint pain, ROM in knee joint and ADL among the elders in this study. Therefore, the hand acupuncture therapy can be utilized in the field of geriatric nursing as a nursing intervention for older people with low back pain and knee joint pain.

Keywords: Acupuncture therapy; Aged; Low back pain; Knee joint pain


Figure 1
Research design.

O=Treatment; HAT=hand acupuncture therapy; HE=health education.

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Figure 2
Corresponding points on hands for lowback pain and knee joint pain.
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Table 1
Homogeneity Test of General Characteristics between Experimental and Control Group
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Table 2
Homogeneity Test of Symptom related Characteristics and Dependent Variables between Experimental and Control Group
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Table 3
Repeated Measures ANOVA in Pain, ROM, ADL and Depression
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Table 4
Differences in Pain, ROM, ADL and Depression between Groups Over Time
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This work was supported by the 2007 Inje University Research Grant.

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