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1 Retrospective Study on the Therapeutic Effects of an Etoposide, Adriamycin, Cisplatin-II (EAP- II) versus an Etoposide, Leucovorin, 5-Furorouracil (ELF) Combination Chemotheraphy in Unresectable Gastric Cancer
Hee Seok Moon, Yoon Sae Kang, Yeon Soo Kim, Ki Oh Park, Eum Seok Lee, Jae Kyu Sung, Byong Seok Lee, Seung Moo Noh, Kyu Sang Song, June Sick Cho, Kyung Sook Shin, Hyun Yong Jeong
J Korean Gastric Cancer Assoc.2003;3(3):122-127.   Published online 2017 March 14     DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5230/jkgca.2003.3.3.122

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